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WATCH: Canadian HR Reporter Interview with Dr. Liz Scott PhD

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"You need to look at the facts pertaining to the individual's capabilities"

Organizational Solutions Inc.'s CEO Dr. Liz Scott Phd speaks to Zachary Pederson for Canadian HR Reporter TV, covering topics such as disability managment, cost control, return to work and tackling any reluctance on the Employee or Employer's side to that return.

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READ: 6 strategies you need to make your disability management program a success.

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Employees who are present, healthy and doing a good job make an enormous difference to success, morale and the bottom line.

Disability Management programs focus on ensuring employees are able to take part in all the benefits that work provides. The disability management field has evolved over the past decade and study into what works is always ongoing. Over this time though some very effective best practices have emerged.

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BREAKFAST SEMINAR, WINNIPEG, MB: Achieving Ability. How to Manage Mental Health Claims in the Workplace.

Exclusive Seminar on Disability Management and IMEs.

Strategies proven to help Canadian employers insightfully manage mental health claims and return to work.

We invite Business Leaders and Senior HR Professionals to join Dr. Liz Scott PhD at the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba on Tuesday, October 20, 2015. for this exclusive complimentary breakfast seminar.

Mental health concerns and illnesses will contribute to around 30 per cent of short and long term disability claims in Canada this year. Find out what your company can do.

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Your Disability Case Management Specialist.


OSI office locations throughout canada OSI office locations throughout canada

From offices all across Canada, with services in both official languages, OSI's proven high-touch Care Management process, right from the first call, connects understanding Healthcare Professionals and Disability Management / Workers' Compensation Specialists with your employees.

First-hand Experience and inside knowledge of what works for different industries helps our qualified team identify capabilities and remove any barriers preventing individuals from a suitable, safe and productive return to work.


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Highlight this Month: September 2015

Exclusive Free Breakfast Seminar: How a Second Opinion can Change Everything.

Disability Management and Independent Medical Evaluations - What they Achieve Together. Find out about:

   How IMEs are used in the Disability Management Process.
   Recognizing if an employee needs to get a second opinion on their diagnosis.
   Situations in which the Disability Management Specialist could recommend an IME.
   Effective return to work planning following an IME and how to significantly reduce durations of time away from work.


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Disability Management IME Seminar in Alberta